SGC Mandate

General Orders are a military standard for guard duty and other related activities. While they will not always be applicable to your situation, they’re worth reading at least once.

SGC Standing Orders: These orders are intended to serve as broad guidelines for how SG teams should behave on various sorts of worlds.

1. The SGC core mandate is to explore the galaxy, looking for diplomatic or technological advantages that can help defend Earth from the extra-terrestrial threats. Toward this end, SG teams should attempt to comport themselves in such a manner as to inspire trust from the local populations.

2. The Galaxy is diverse and unpredictable situations will occur. The SG unit officer in command has total operational authority until they are able to contact SGC for additional orders.

3. Worlds visited regularly by the Goa’uld are to be expected. First Contact missions should avoid attempting to alter the local’s way of life significantly. Unless Goa’uld forces are directly observed or expected, continue with the mission under the assumption that it will be completed before their return.

4. Worlds not regularly visited by the Goa’uld are uncommon but not impossible. Most often this occurs when a System Lord is defeated and the conqueror does not bother to absorb all the conquered planets. In these cases it is important to attempt to establish which Goa’uld used to oversee the planet and how long it has been since their direct influence has been felt. If a planet is thoroughly abandoned, it may be considered for more extensive use.

5. Abandoned worlds once confirmed are a valuable resource. Refugees can be routed to these worlds and they offer a variety of other clandestine options to the SGC. Abandoned worlds are to be thoroughly investigated for risks to human habitation.

6. Worlds with non Goa’uld pretending to be gods or otherwise influencing a human population are rare. Asgard worlds should be treated with friendly caution. The people are generally simple but well treated and happy. Other independent oppressors should be carefully evaluated for the risk presented to Earth if the oppressed were to be freed prior to any such course of action being undertaken.

7. Direct contact with Jaffa stargate patrols should be avoided if possible without restricting the mission. If Jaffa do not return within 8 hours, more will be sent to investigate. Waves generally continue to get larger and more frequent.

8. Direct contact with Jaffa stationed on a planet is to be avoided and reported promptly whenever possible.

SGC Mandate

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