Character Creation Guidelines

We will be using the Stargate system powered by Spycraft 2.0 d20.

Characters will be generated at 6th level to represent the premise that no one starts in the SGC, they only take people with distinguished service records or exemplary equivalents.

Attributes will be rolled with the following guidelines.

Roll 4d6, drop the lowest and add up the remaining three. This will give you a number between 3 and 18 with an average around 12.

Repeat this process 6 times then send me your list of 6 numbers or post them if you like spamming everyone. If you don’t have an 18 I will augment one of your numbers to an 18, no guarantees on which one I pick. This will help represent the fact that SG team members are always exemplary in some way.

Specialties(effectively race from DND) and class selection can come from any Spycraft 2.0 book or Stargate book, but I recommend selecting both from the Stargate book as they tend to be more appropriate.

Skills should be selected from Spycraft 2.0, not from Stargate.

All characters will be Terrans and able to pass a SGC background check to get their clearance level. Most of the books have a piece or two that is available to Terrans, so no books are ruled out entirely, but anything intended for non-Terrans is not available.

Character backgrounds will be required. I doubt it will be an issue with this group but Officer ranks will be restricted to characters with good backgrounds. “My character’s name is Bob and he’s a Navy Seal” will get you the rank of Private.

Character Creation Guidelines

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