Major Thomas Jerome Newton


Thomas Jerome Newton was born August 8th, 1967 to Colonel Roger Samuel Newton and Susan Newton (nee Blair) in the family home at Woody Creek, Colorado. The second oldest child, Newton has one older sister Janet, and two younger sisters, Sarah and Heather.

The Newton, his mother and sisters would spend a large portion of their early years on the family homestead in Woody Creek Colorado, while their farther was stationed on overseas assignments. Newton learned how to hunt, fish and swim in the high altitude of the mountains in the Vale Colorado area. Once the Vie t-Nam war was over their father was given more prestigious posts, so around the United States and several cushy overseas postings later Colonel Newton found his way back to the United States and serves in the Pentagon, and began making political inroads with several prominent senators and representatives. Colonel Newton’s main contact in Congress is Senator Fisher.

Newton, having gotten high marks on his ASVAB and good grades in school, applied to the United States Naval Academy. With the help of Senator Fisher, Newton was accepted into the Naval academy in 1985. Even as a Forth Class Midshipman in his pleb year, Newton excelled in leadership and diplomacy. Moving from pleb to youngster, Newton continued to impress the faculty and his fellow Midshipmen with his ability to motivate and take charge of complex situations. In his third year, Newton had reached the rank on Midshipmen Lieutenant Commander and unheard of feat, as the Commander ranks were generally reserved for the forth year or First Class midshipmen.

During his forth year in the Naval Academy, Newton was faced with a dilemma that would follow him forever. Senator Fisher came to Newton and informed him the Fisher’s son William was going to be attending and to look after the young man as he was known to be a womanizer and a lout. Well two months into the scholastic year, young William Fisher got himself a copy of a very important test and was selling it to other midshipmen, until he got caught doing so. Newton served as the as the Chairman on the Brigade Honor Committee, William Fisher had broken the Honor Code and was to be expelled by the committee, when Senator Fisher contacted Newton and told him that he should overrule the committee’s decision and allow William to stay at the academy. Newton was unwilling to do so and William was expelled. Senator Fisher did not take kindly to this action.

At the end of his forth year, Newton selected to utilize the Immediate Graduate Education Program and further his education while instead of moving directly into a military career. He obtained his Masters Degree in Military Arts and Science with special interest in Military History. After obtaining his Masters degree Newton was commissioned into the United States Marines as a Second Lieutenant.

Newton was assigned to the 1st Marine Division at Marine Corps Base Quantico and put in to be trained as a scout sniper. Newton completed the ten week course with relative ease and then took the Team Leader Course for four weeks after that. Newton was put in charge of Bravo Company First Platoon.

In June of 1990 Lieutenant Newton was transferred to Company “H” of the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines at Camp Pendleton. While serving with the “Magnificent Bastards” Newton led his company during Operation Sharp Edge, a rescue and evacuation effort during the First Liberian Civil War. Newton personally led a platoon into a hostile forward area and retrieved 127 civilians from harms way. Earning him and the platoon several citations.

Upon return from Liberia, Newton requested assignment to a United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Company. FORECON are the Marines version of the Navy’s SEALs, the Army’s Special Forces (Delta, Green Berets, Rangers) and the Air Force’s Special Operations Force. FORECON comprises of two specialty type “green” operations, usually deep reconnaissance and “black” operations, usually direct action, such as demolitions, sniper actions, or disruption of operations.

Newton started off on “green” operations and was assigned to the 3rd Battalion 8th Marines 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations). As such Newton led several “black” operations into Iraq as part of Desert Shield to scope out and identify enemy targets. When the operation changed from Desert Shield to Desert Storm, Newton commanded a company or FORECON marines into hostile territory earning him several accommodations.

During one “black” operation into Iraq, Newton was captured and thrown into an Iraqi military prison. While in the cell he heard a familiar tapping sound. It was Morse code, tapping out the words “the simpsons” over and over again. Newton responded with “the flintstones”. The other captive turned out to be Major Jack O’Neill, United States Air Force. The two used Morse code to tap out communication to each other, using cartoon references so as to not be easily understood, Newton being referred to as “jarhead’ and O’Neill “flyboy”. Over the next several months the two planned an escape and were able to rescue several other servicemen that had been captured. O’Neill and Newton kept up an informal friendship afterward, and every June 3rd would try and meet to commemorate their escape or at least have a conversation if on assignment.

On June 8th, Newton was in charge of 22 out of 51 marines sent into Bosnia as part of a TRAP (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel) to rescue Air Force Pilot Scott O’ Grady. Upon rescuing the pilot the helicopter came under fire and Newton, being the last one into the chopper returned fire killing several militants. This earned Newton several more citations. For the nest few months Newton would lead several raids into the Bosnian area and enter Sarajevo to recon and help serve as security. Newton would earn his Captain bars during this operation.

{So originally I was basing this on the main time line of the SG1 series. It makes Newton age 33 in 1999 the start of the game. However since we are moving the timing up to 2013, it really messes with my storyline to be sorta friends with Jack. If we change history to make the captivity during the War on Terrorism then he can stay at 33 years of age.}

On November 12th 2001, Newton served in the Marines 1st Force Reconnaissance Company into Afghanistan as part of the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion. In Afghanistan Newton excelled in “black” ops and his unit were among the highest sought for those ops.

In 2003 Newton was assigned to Marine Corps Special Operations Command Detachment One (better known as Det One), a pilot program to assess the value of a Marine special operations forces permanently detached to the United States Special Operations Command. Commanded by Newtons former commander, Colonel Robert Coates, former commanding officer of the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company. Det One had a reconnaissance element led by Newton of 30 men and was supported by an intelligence unit, fires element and a headquarters element comprising of a total of 81 Marines. Based on the World War II Marine Raiders, Det One went where “black” ops was needed most. Usually the most dangerous missions and the hardest objectives were given to Det One. While serving in Det One, each Marine was given a special knife, the Strider SMF, each was numbered. Newton was given Number Nine and his First Sergeant, Mike Larue, was give number thirteen. During a particularly nasty mission First Sergeant Larue was killed, Newton took his Strider Knife and has kept it with him ever since.

Newton was all set to be promoted and take over Det One, until Senator Fisher got involved. Never having forgiven Newton for his actions at the Naval Academy, Senator Fisher convinced the Joint Chiefs that the need for Det One was complete and had set up orders to disband the unit.

Newton was transferred to Unites States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command in February of 2006 and has been commanding “black” ops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Considered non-promotable by the senior brass because of Senator Fisher’s interference, Newton has requested the most difficult missions and been given them due to his high success rate.

Newton was all set to continue this when without warning he was assigned to a special task force under Colonel Makespeace. Believing it to be more interference from Senator Fisher, Newton reported as ordered and was glad to see it was merely his old friend Colonel O’Neill trying to help him out.

“You’re going to take me through the Stargate now and I am going to be on a different planet?”
“Colonel, I have read the mission reports, I have seen the technology, but I still cannot get my head around the whole thing. And you want me to led a team?”
“So, that is the gist of it, Major” O’Neill stated upon stepping up to the Stargate’s shimmering surface. “You’ll be leading a team of military and civilians from the Alpha Site under Colonel Connor, reporting directly to Major Goldberg." O’Neil steps through the Stargate, Newton follows.
“What do you think?” Leading Newton outside to the Abydos landscape, the third moon just beginning to rise.
“Colonel, this is…this it…this…whoa.”
“Yeah it kinda takes a moment, doesn’t it?” O’Neill putting on his sunglasses and smiled at Newton, “But I have a feeling you’ll get used to it.”

Major Thomas Jerome Newton

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