Deonte Tate

A charismatic computer sciences whiz


I’m copying from Chris’ character in terms of formatting.
Name: Deonte Lamaar Tate
Class: Hacker/4 Scientist/2
Brainy Geek

Age: 28, Ht 5’8", Wt 180, Hair Black, Eyes Dk Brown
Str: 8 Vitality: 45
Int: 21 Wound: 14
Wis: 10 Fort: 6
Dex: 16 Ref: 5
Con: 14 Will: 6
Cha: 16

Defense: 18 (5 class, 3 dex)
Init: +4
Rank: Specialist, Grade 3

Feats: Techie, Geek (from Speciality), Talented-Techie, Favored Gear, Surge of Speed, Concealed Carry, CQB Basics
Class Abilities: Custom Ware, Computers PHD, 1337, Trap Door (+1 Tradecraft Pick, Master Key 1.
Proficiencies: Weapons (Handgun, SMG, Explosives), +1 Forte to SMG

Acrobatics: (0) -1STR, 3DEX
Anaylsis: (7) 12 INT / 7 WIS
Athletics: (0) =1STR, 3DEX
Blend: (5) 8DEX, 8CHA
Bluff: (7) 10
Bureaucracy: (1) 4
Computers: (12) 19
Cultures: (0) 5 : North America, North Africa, West Asia (Middle East), Eastern Asia (China), South America, Central America, Southern Asia (inc Southeast Asia)
Driver: (4) 7 : Personal Ground Vehicles, Standard Ground Vehicles (Forte: Racing Cars), Heavy Ground Vehicles, Personal Aircraft, Performance Aircraft, Standard Watercraft (nearly all these come from computer games)
Electronics: (14) 21 INT, 16 WIS
Falsify: (9) 14INT, 9 WIS
Impress: (0) 3
Intimidate: (0) -1STR, 0WIS
Investigation: (6) 6WIS, 9CHA
Manipulate: (0) 0WIS, 3CHA
Mechanics: (7) 12INT, 7 WIS
Medicine: (0) 5INT, 0WIS
Networking: (0) 0WIS, 3CHA
Notice: (9) 9
Profession: (0) 3
Resolve: (7) 9CON, 7WIS
Science: (12) 17 Chemistry, Engineering(Forte), Mathematics (Forte), Programming (Forte), Super-Science (Forte)
Search: (7) 12
Security: (7) 12
Sense Motive: (1) 1WIS, 4CHA
Slight of Hand (1) 4
Sneak: (5) 8DEX, 8CHA
Streetwise: (4) 4WIS, 7CHA
Survival: (4) 4WIS, 7CHA
Tactics: (0) 0WIS, 3CHA

Gear: 13 Picks: 3 from Scientist, 2 from Hacker,1 from Rank, 3 from Feat, 3 from Charisma, 1 from trap door.
Standard SG Bundle
Computer Specialist bundle
Mechanics kit.

My computer contains the following physical characteristics: Miniaturized (twice, from a large laptop to a palm-sized device), Increased Durability, Waterproof, Digital Camera, Expanded Harddrive, Refrigerated Case, CD Burner, Black Box.
Programs include: PR7 Security, Code-Cracking Ware, Imaging Ware, Personal Gate Dialer, Translator.


Deonte was born and raised in Chicago. His mom lived on the streets and had a severe drug problem. Shortly after his birth, she left him with her social worker, Raychelle Santos, who took him in. Two other children, Lissandra and Tyrese were abandoned in the same fashion by his mother before her death.
Auntie Raychelle took care of, and eventually adopted the three. It was during the summers when she would bring them into work and his siblings played in the conference room that Deonte got to spend time with the office IT, Aaron Tate. He soaked up everything Aaron did, and, by age 8, was doing most of the repairs and troubleshooting himself. In the summer between 3rd and 4th grade, he was signed up to go to a young programmers summer camp on scholarship.
Auntie Raychelle, worried he was spending too much time in front of a screen, forced him so sign up for a ‘social extracurricular’ in middle school, and not being at all good at sports, he chose the theater. Though he lacked the ego to be the star of the show, he got the basics down and continued acting throughout his years, also doubling as Lights and Sound cues designer.
In his junior year of high school, he won third place in the city-wide science fair for a project in which he demonstrated the flaws in the city-wide school system’s computer systems, and was later contracted for a tidy sum to assist with fixing said flaws. This project got the attention of Dr. Ramsey, a professor at the Chicago Institute of Science and Technology (Made up University), and he was offered a full ride plus a stipend to work as Dr. Ramsey’s aid.
While at college, he continued his work on computing, and experimented with miniaturization. He earned his PHD in creating and coding a small environmental probe designed to analyze trace elements in the atmosphere to give a better idea of what minerals might be present and in what quantities. It was designed to be used in mines Earthbound, but could potentially be used on future missions to Mars, or further still, Europa or other ‘alien’ worlds man may never get a chance to walk on to test for themselves.

Deonte Tate

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